10 Rules of Shoot Etiquette


  1. Be on time: Any shoot takes a lot of time and effort to put together so allowing ample time for parking and any traffic is a must. There is a massive production team who have committed to doing a job at a certain time, so it is a domino effect if you do not show up on time. However, we do understand sometimes things happen out of your control, so if this is the case it’s important that you do advise us directly so we can let the client know.
  2. Don’t bring extra people with you to a photoshoot: As a minor you are allowed to bring a maximum of two guardians to attend any shoot with you. Unfortunately, due to limited space and noise restrictions no friends or other siblings are able to attend. But, if you’re in the situation where you have to take a sibling, please advise us prior to the shoot so we can flag this with the client.
  3. Don’t forget all children under 15 years must always have a guardian on set with them at all times.
  4. Snacks and drinks are always provided on set, however if your child is a fussy eater we suggest you packing emergency food for them on set in case they don’t like the food provided.
  5. Ask first before posting photos or videos of the shoot on social media: It is very important to always ask IF you can post photos of the shoot, even if they are only behind the scene photos. If you get permission, then you won’t have to remove postings later and due to confidentially agreements you could avoid a lot of trouble for releasing photos before the job has aired. Out of respect for the photographer it is always a nice idea to use any of the collaborators social media tags when posting on social media once the job has aired.
  6. Emergency contacts: If unwell on the morning of the shoot, you either need to call the production contact provided on the call sheet or if it’s before 9:30am you will need to call either one of the Directors mobiles. Michelle is in the office on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and her mobile is 0425 235 853. Whereas, Hannah is in the office on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and her mobile is 0414 591 740. Please do not email the office before 9:30am as often emails are missed before opening hours.
  7. Emailing working hours to accounts for billing purposes: Once your time on set has ended, you are required to send through your shoot hours to our accounts department at accounts@www.starfishkids.com.au for invoicing purposes. Please make sure you do not send these hours through to our main email contact@www.starfishkids.com.au.
  8. Completing a school letter: If your child is under 15 years of age you will need to arrange to have a school permission letter to be signed by your child’s school. Please find a draft school letter, this will need to be signed on school letterhead and returned to our office prior to the shoot according to Kids Guardian regulations.
  9. Parent Nominee Authorisation Form: If your child will be on set with another guardian other than yourself, you will need to print out & complete the attached Parent Nominee Authorisation Form to take along to the shoot and hand to the on-set production supervisor.  This form will grant them permission to be your child’s guardian whilst on set.
  10. Say thank you: Always leave with a smile and thank everyone for asking you to be a part of the shoot. First impressions are lasting impressions!
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