Month: January 2014

Parents Fact Sheet Explaining The Code of Practice

This is a parent information fact sheet set out by the Office of Children’s Employment explaining the rules & regulations within employment of children in the entertainment industry.

The Casting Process

The Brief The client (ie, casting agent, production company or fashion label) will contact your agent with a casting for brief for a job.  The casting brief will include details regarding the role, gender, age, shoot date/s, fees and any other …

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Shoot Tips

CALL TIMES & LOCATIONS Call Sheets with call times & location details are always emailed to us the afternoon before the shoot & it’s quite normal for us to receive them at 5.30pm!  We will email you the call details as …

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Casting Tips

Travelling Always allow plenty of travel time & time to find a park.  If you’re running late please always call our office so we can notify the casting agent that you’re on your way. What to Wear For most castings it’s …

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