Casting Tips

Always allow plenty of travel time & time to find a park.  If you’re running late please always call our office so we can notify the casting agent that you’re on your way.

What to Wear
For most castings it’s fine to wear smart casual clothes unless other specified by the casting agent. It’s important that the kids look as natural as possible with no hair gel and make-up.

The Arrival
Bring something to occupy your child with in case you need to sit in the waiting room for a long time.  A good tip for older kids is to take an ipod and headphones along with you so you can listen to music in the waiting room.

Do not take the whole family with you (waiting rooms are tiny and are meant for the parent and child auditioning only).

Always take your child’s measurements & agents contact details to all castings. You will need to write your child’s personal details, measurement and agent details onto your casting form.  It is also important to include any competitive commercials that your child has appeared in on all casting forms.  We encourage parents to be honest and accurate with these details.

First Impressions
When you walk in the room, be confident. The human brain makes over 27 judgments about another person within seconds of meeting them. These judgements are based on several factors ie. posture, body language, voice tone, eye contact, etc.

Make a bad first impression, and everything you do thereafter is filtered through that impression. (Called a cognitive filter.) If you make a good first impression, you'll smile and they'll think you're relaxed and confident.

The Room and the Space
Your child may have to audition in all sorts of places. Living rooms, kitchens, rooftops, you name it. But typically, it will be a studio space or production office.

Wherever it is, there's usually an X on the floor, done with tape. Find it and go stand there.

The ID
Another great audition tip: After you hit your X, tell them who you are. This is called slating.

The ID should be: "Hello, my name is so-and-so, I’m ……… years old and my agent is Starfish Kids”

The Actual Performance
Your child will listen to a short form of direction and then asked to carry this out in a performance.  The casting director will film your child’s performance on the small camera.  It’s a pet hate of all casting agent’s when children stare into the camera so please make sure your child knows before the casting that they can’t state into the camera when being filmed.

It’s also important to make sure your child listens carefully to the direction given and tries to the best of their ability.

Most important rule in a casting is TO HAVE FUN!!!!!

Eye Contact
If you can encourage your child to make eye contact with everyone who is in the casting room, it will put them at a huge advantage.  The casting agent will always remember the kids that went the extra mile to impress and the ones that are pleasant and easy to work with.

Once you’ve finished the casting always thank the person who directed you in the casting.  Again manners will always go a long long way in this industry.

After the Casting

After an audition it is important that you do not cut your child’s hair or change their appearance in any way until you find out whether you are successful or not.

After an audition/casting, it may take a week for us to receive a shortlist. If your child is short listed, put on hold, or required for a recall, we will let you know as soon as we hear.  An email will be sent to you if your child was not selected for the job.

If you’re child is asked to attend a recall or callback this means the client would like to see them for a second casting.  Recall castings for tv commercials are paid at the rate of $64.62 per hour.  Recall castings for feature films & tv series are non-paid.

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