The Casting Process

The Brief
The client (ie, casting agent, production company or fashion label) will contact your agent with a casting for brief for a job.  The casting brief will include details regarding the role, gender, age, shoot date/s, fees and any other specific requirements.

The Submission
Starfish Kids will submit online talent suggestions to the client based on the casting brief.  The client reviews the talent suggestions and will request whom they would like to see for a casting.

The Casting
The client will advise Starfish Kids who they would like to see for a casting.  As a general rule castings are usually booked the day before or even on the same day if the job is urgent.

All casting requests will be emailed to you with full details regarding shoot dates, fees, scripts etc.

The Recall (tv commercials or films)
For television commercials and films the casting agent will always hold a recall/callback audition for those who have been shortlisted by the director.  Recall castings are paid at the rate of $55 per hour.   Photographic castings don’t usually require recall castings.

Hold Bookings
If you’re child has been placed on the final shortlist for a job the client will place them on hold for the shoot dates.  A hold booking is not a confirmation, it indicates that you have made it onto the client’s final shortlist and are subject to client approval.

Talent Confirmation
Starfish Kids will notify all approved talent the confirmed shoot dates and any details regarding wardrobe fittings.

Job details with call time & location will be emailed to you the afternoon prior to the shoot date.

Once money is negotiated for a job it is important that it is not discussed with anyone other than Starfish Kids.

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